Wanna become famous singer ? GanaBazaar will help you become famous.

Please follow below steps:

Step : 1

Pick two or three of your favorite songs to learn. Choose well-known songs that are in your range. Can you reach the high notes without screaming? Can you reach the low notes? Make sure the melody is easy to hum and that you can feel the rhythm easily. Learn the melody and study it as thoroughly as you would study any other subject. Record yourself and listen back(Recording Guide). Taking time to write out all the words will help you memorize them quickly.

Step : 2
Try to Sing along without nearing the other singer. If you always practice singing with someone else's voice, you will never learn to lead with your voice. karaoke tracks to the most popular songs are generally available at

Step : 3

Work on your voice. Singing is a very physical activity and requires a power source. Support your voice tone the way you would support your body when you're lifting something heavy. Get your legs under you, tuck your hips under, and use strength from the lower part of your body—as if you were lifting. Push the balls of your feet firmly into the floor. Try not to lift your chin; instead, keep your head rounded over the microphone with your chin lower in the front. This makes the tone sound warm and resonant.

Step : 4

Sing the words. Actually think about what the words mean. It's surprising how much better we sound when we really mean what we're saying. Choose songs that are age-appropriate so you're not trying to be convincing in a song about your six kids and three divorces.

Step : 5

Sing and Record. Singe the song with confidant and send it our email : we will publish the song with your name (if you wish we will post your Picture too).
Note: you should send duet songs only and your portion male/female ie. if your a male please sing only male vocal apply same for female.

Recording Guide


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