Object User Guide..
1.      Install the Audacity with default installation.
2.       Open the karaoke track to be recorded

Screen1: Default screen1

Screen2:  After track opened.

Ensure selected appropriate input (Microphone) and connect the MIC as marked below.
Adjust MIC volume according to your requirement.

Screen 4:
Press Record button to record and you can sing.

Screen 5 :
After recording, adding echo, delay as you wish.
Select the recorded portion and go to EFFECT and choose DELAY               and reduce the delay time carefully.

Screen 6:
Save project (Audacity format) for future editing..
Then click empty area and press CTRL+A to select all the tracks (Karaoke tracks & recorded portion).
Choose TRACKS menu then click on Mix and render..

Screen 7 : After this now you can see one single (merged both)

Screen 8:
Now you export MP3 file and you need to locate “lame_enc.dll “this file for MP3 format conversion.
And you can choose bit rate etc. and press Save.


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All the very best, happy singing.
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